Below is a list current projects I have been involved with, as well as selected (recent to semi-recent) past activities. Please read my brief-CV for more details of past work.


The following are the current projects that I am involved with outside of my regular consulting work with Accenture.

Low Cost Technology for Health (LCTH)

I am a Chief Investigator (CI) within the LCTH project at the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne. The project aims to develop mobile health tools for clinics in developing countries, where I am providing leadership and expertise in software aspects of the project, with a particular emphasis on mobile and agent technologies. Specifically, I am coordinating activities in Bangladesh, where we are conducting technology development and clinical trials in primary health clinics. Please see the project page for more details, and the team members page for a list of collaborators. Please see the mHealth projects page for a description of current projects.


Guest lectures for undergraduate and postgraduate subjects at the University of Melbourne, Department of Information Systems. The subject title for both undergraduate and postgraduate classes: “Emerging Technologies”, and the lecture topic was: “Intelligent Agents: From Lab to Industry”. Lectures delivered in 2009.

Consulting Work

I am a senior consultant in IT strategy and architecture at Accenture. I have worked with clients across various industries, including: Telecommunications, Financial Services (FS) and Transmission and Distribution (T&D). Please refer to my brief CV for more details.


Intelligent UAV control

Involved with numerous projects in developing intelligent agent-based mission management controls for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
Led the development of a high-level, on-board tactic management system for the “Avatar” UAV using the JACK agent programming language (which is based on Java). The project was in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and AOS. I was involved with two flight trials and projects, the first being a single UAV proof-of-concept architecture development and subsequent flight trial, and the second a more complex teamed UAV architecture development and flight trial.
The project success was published in “Aviation Week” :

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Consultant for Xbio Systems (, a bioinformatics company formerly known as Neuragenix P/L). Conducted feasibility study, design and preliminary implementation (using Java and various agent languages such as Jadex, Jade and JACK) of an agent-based system to augment current workflow management system. Worked with software engineers and project managers to learn about legacy systems, and formulate a value added, agent-based solution that automates the detection of fraudulent claims in a health insurance workflow management system.