About Me

I am a software engineer, with various interests in industry and research.

My primary role is as a software architect with a speciality in mobile platforms. I lead projects delivering applications in healthcare, telecommunications and other industries – usually focussing on Android, iOS, Windows Phone platforms as well as cloud-based back-end systems that support mobile apps. I also have developed applications and enterprise architecture for numerous clients, as well as consulting in IT strategy. Please read my brief resume and project work pages for more.

I am also a research fellow at the Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne. My primary research focus is agent learning  and software engineering (as a result of my doctoral thesis), and mobile health (or “mHealth”). As a project lead of the Low Cost Technology for Health project, I design and lead research and development of various mobile clinical decision support software apps for various mobile platforms such as Android and J2ME, as well as innovative electronic medical sensors. Please read my mHealth project activities for more detail.

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